Jewish Tours Turkey

The exotic land of Turkey, situated at the joining of two continents, is rich beyond words in Jewish heritage. We invite you to make a pilgrimage to our Jewish shrines and destinations. To make the most of your travels with the least concern for the logistical details of travel, you need experienced guides and agents who are at home with the Jewish heritage of Turkey.

It is natural, then, that you should choose Adelphia Tours Turkey. Istanbul is our home city, and we bring all of our experience and contacts to work for you to make your pilgrimage hassle-free. We offer you the choice of our very popular 12-day Jewish Heritage Tours package or a Customized Tours package combining features of the Jewish Heritage Tour with other elements selected by you.

Our Jewish Tours of Turkey Attend to All the Details

Our Jewish Heritage Tours begin and end in Istanbul, with several days to savor the ancient synagogues, museums, and palaces around Istanbul. Another highlight is the full-day pilgrimage to Sardis, which has been home to a prosperous Jewish community dating back to 2400 B.C. This trip to the former capital of the Lydian kingdom includes a visit to the ruins of the enormously rich Roman Synagogue.

Our Jewish Heritage pilgrimage includes tours of Ankara and Cappadocia. We complete our day in Cappadocia with a relaxing traditional massage at the local Turkish Bath. For more information on our Jewish Heritage Tours, please email us at